NADCAP is the Performance Review Institute’s (PRI) brand name for the industry managed program that provides continual improvement and a cost effective approach for special products and processes in the Aerospace Industry.

The NADCAP program includes the following special processes:

• Aerospace Quality Systems
• Chemical Processing
• Coatings
• Composites
• Distributors
• Elastomer Seals
• Electronics
• Fluid Distribution Systems
• Heat Treating
• Materials Testing Laboratory
• Non Destructive Testing
• Non conventional Machining and Surface Enhancement
• Sealants
• Welding
PreSet Calibration Services have acted as consultants and carried out appropriate instrumentation upgrades and on going calibrations and surveys, to meet Nadcap, AMS2750G, AWPS001Q, RRP 5400, RRP5400 and BAERD GEN-007  requirements for many companies in the Aerospace Industry.

More information about Nadcap can be obtained at the PRI website.

We provide a full consultation prior to your initial NADCAP Audit to assist you with purchasing the appropriate equipment and upgrading of your Ovens and Furnaces to meet the right requirements of your processes based on the AMS2750G or RPS953 specifications that are predominantly used for Nadcap accreditation.

Supply of Equipment
We can supply all necessary equipment to upgrade your Ovens and Furnaces, such as Controllers, Programmers, Graphic Recorders and Calibrated Thermocouples. We can also supply Digital Thermometers and Thermocouples calibrated for you to use SAT Monitoring Devices for your weekly or monthly checks.

Installation and Commisioning of Equipment
We can install and commission all eqiuipment so you are fully compliant with the requirements of Nadcap and the specifications of AMS2750G and RPS953 etc. We also offer training for your Operators for correct loading of your Ovens and appropriate recording required information to meet the above specifications.

Inital TUS’s
We will perform the initial TUS’s on all Ovens and Furnaces and supply a full survey and calibration report to meet the requirements of AMS2750G, RRP5400, BAERD GEN-007 and AWPS001Q they are fully UKAS compliant also.

Ongoing TUS’s
The ongoing TUS’s, depending on the specification of the Oven, change from an initial frequency to a reduced frequency dependant on the class of Oven and temperature range. We would control the changeover for you and all the call ups and appropriate paperwork would be issued.

SAT Calibrations
We can carry out a periodic SAT calibration for you as part of the overall survey and calibration contract or if you wish to carry them out yourselves we can calibrate your Digital Thermometers and Probe to meet the appropriate specifications as listed above.

Oven and Furnace Maintenance
To allow you to reduce your frequency from the initial requirements to a reduced level, a planned maintenance program and log is required for each Oven or Furnace. We can offer this service and carry out the required maintenance prior to carrying out the survey and calibration and maintain all appropriate paperwork to comply with the specifications to meet NADCAP requirements.