Independent Monitoring Systems

Independent Monitoring Systems for the Health Industry

It is necessary for all instruments and equipment that is handled and used within a theatre or for evasive procedures in the NHS and other health related organisations to be decontaminated and sterilised before they are used. Such a procedure is even more important today with easily spread conditions and infections, such as MRSA and CJD that can have lasting effects on both patients and those caring for them.

Effective monitoring of the decontamination process within the NHS is vital and to ensure that this is carried out to a high standard an Independent Monitoring System is a mandatory requirement. This must comply with the European Directive on Washer Dryers and Sterilizers and can be installed and linked to existing equipment by our experienced Engineers. Single chamber and multi chamber Washers can be accommodated, as can any make of Sterilizers with our Independent Monitoring Systems.

The monitoring equipment supplied by us is a paperless Graphic Recording System that holds all of the data locally and has the ability to transfer information across an existing network to an appropriate server. The data can then be redistributed to desktop PCs that are located in the establishment and can be accessed in real time or historically.

If the network system fails, temporarily the data is stored locally for approximately seven days. When it is restored the data is automatically transferred to the server to ensure it is not lost. The Independent Monitoring System has the power to record the washing and drying temperature, pressure, volume of detergent and the final rinse conductivity of the Washer Dryers. The Sterilizers can monitor and record the temperature, vacuum, pressure and time of the Sterilizer cycle.

The system also indicates if there is a problem with the equipment, such as not heating to the relevant temperatures and having the incorrect pressure applied, with alarms that have the ability to give a pass or fail reading for every cycle that is carried out.

The Independent Monitoring System can be connected to washer Dryers and/or Sterilizers depending on the organisations requirements and set up. Such systems can be designed to meet the requirements of individual organisations and installed, calibrated and maintained by us.

After care maintenance and calibration of the system is carried out by us on a quarterly basis to tie in with quarterly validations for your convenience.

An example of one of our projects is an Independent Monitoring System for NHS West Dorset General Hospital Trust Blood Banks, which we implemented in 2002. Due to the success and brilliant results that the system produced for the Hospital Trust it lead to phase two of the Independent Monitoring System being installed in 2005.

We still work very closely with those in charge of the Blood Banks and continue to service and calibrate all equipment and instruments that are associated with the system.