Case Study

Remote Temperature Monitoring System Phase II

The great success of the Blood Bank systems that was designed and installed by PreSet Calibration Services Limited for the main blood bank in the Pathology Department at Dorchester Hospital, Maternity Department, Ridgeway Theatre, as well as two satellite blood banks at Sherborne & Blandford Trust Hospitals in 2002 has resulted in Phase Two of the system being commissioned.

This phase during 2005 involved a further five hospital sites (Lyme Regis, Portland, Weymouth, Bridport and Winterbourne) Winterbourne being in the private sector, and they all operate securely over the NHS Intranet or Internet.

This phase took advantage of Eurotherms second-generation data recorders, 6100A DAQ’s, which are fully integrated into the already existing system and are backwardly compatible with the original 5100V DAQs systems that are already installed in Dorchester, Blandford and Sherborne from phase one.

With these additional sites being added to the Blood Bank hospital network it now means that a vast area of West Dorset is being monitored and controlled by the main site in Dorchester.

It is no longer necessary for staff from Dorchester main blood bank to visit the satellites, other than on an adhoc basis, because of the ability of the main Dorchester Blood Bank to monitor in real time all the satellites.

In addition to staff at Dorchester Hospital Blood Bank accessing all of the other hospital sites, engineers from PreSet Calibration Services can also remotely connect to the Blood Bank system to assist with faults and system issues.

A support and maintenance package is in place and this involves three monthly system checks and tests by PreSet Calibration Services, which is carried out remotely. An annual site visit is included in the maintenance package, which includes onsite service & UKAS Calibration of all the DAQ units.